Define, Improve, Adopt and Sustain.

Software Development

Think of us as your reputable and reliable one-stop solution provider Our key strength lies in taking responsibility for the project on a turn-key basis right from mapping business requirements and developing functional specifications to designing, developing, testing and deploying the application and providing post implementation support. We have efficiencies in the following programming languages:

• Java
• C++
• JQuery

Mobile Application Development

With today’s intricate mobile technology and robust platforms with enhanced capabilities and performance, software development has progressed by leaps and bounds. We excel in mobile application development and has kept up with the times building advanced mobile applications for all purposes such as businesses and customer utility. Starting from the initial stages of the development of the UI/UX until the end with the launch of the software in the app store, we will be with you every step of the way, keeping a close and watchful eye on the development of mobile solutions.

• Android
• Blackberry
• Apple
• Microsoft

Corporate Branding And Imaging

Solidcare Services’ Corporate Branding and Imaging division is a result driven graphic design function. Sporting a bunch of everyday folk who enjoy creating great design work for good people. Every client we work with is treated like they are our only client and we aim to deliver above their expectations on each project that we work on. Solidcare Services don’t have a house style approach; instead we develop custom design solutions that appeal to our clients and more importantly their target audience. It’s our high personal standards that set us apart from the rest. Once your project enters our clutches, it becomes our baby. Nothing at Solidcare Services goes out the door unless we are proud of it, so you can be sure that what we present is of the highest quality. Successful design solutions achieve results far beyond the value of your design investment. How a brand is perceived in the marketplace directly influences the profitability of a company and it is often why a consumer chooses one product or service over another.

• Web development
• Corporate branding & Design
• SEO,SEM & Web Analytics
• Social Media & Digital Marketing

We have the capacity to provide everything you need to create, design, revitalize and grow your brand architecture. Our three core service areas are Brand, Web and Technology

Domain Registration And Hosting

Purchase and manage all of your domains in one easy-to-use control panel. Solidcare Services even handles renewals automatically! These great features are provided with every domain! Domain Locking LaunchPad locks all of your domains by default. This prevents unauthorized changes or domain hijacking.

Automatic Domain Renewal

LaunchPad automatically renews your domain so you don’t lose it! If you have multiple domains, it can be easy to forget the renewal period. LaunchPad automates this process so you can keep focused on your web-based business!

Easily Manage Domains

Besides changing nameservers for each and every domain in your management panel, you can easily create your own nameservers ( right from within the management panel.